Herbs (with us) differing from the last Order chiefly in having, as a rule, more than 2 styles, and the fruit a drupe. The umbels, also, are either single, or corymbed, or panicled. Flowers often polygamous. The only Canadian genus is Ara'lia Tourn. Ginseng. Wild Sarsapardlla.

* Umbels corymbed or panicled. Petals, stamens, and styles each 5. Fruit black or dark-purple.

1. A. racemo'sa, L. (Spikenard.) Umbels in a large compound panicle. Stem 2-3 feet high, widely branching. Leaves very large and decompound; leaflets ovate-cordate, doubly serrate. Roots aromatic. - Rich woods.

2. A. his'pida. Michx. (Bristly Sarsaparilla. Wild Elder.) Stem 1-2 feet high, bristly, leafy, somewhat shrubby at the base. Umbels 2-7, corymbed. Leaves twice-pinnate. Leaflets sharply serrate. Fruit black. - Rocky or sandy woods.

3. A. nudieau'lis, L. (Wild Sarsaparilla.) True stem very short, sending up a naked scape bearing 3 or 4 long-peduncled umbels at the summit, and one long-petioled leaf, ternately divided, and with 5 leaflets on each division. Root horizontal, aromatic. - Rich woods.

* * Umbel single, on a long peduncle. Styles 2 or 3.

4. A. quinquefo'lia, Decaisne. (Ginseng.) Leaves in a whorl of 3 at the summit of the stem, the latter a foot high. Leaflets mostly 5, long-stalked. - Rich woods.

5. A. trifo'lia, Decaisne. Stem 4-6 inches high. Leaves in a whorl of 3 at the summit, but the leaflets usually only S, and sessile. - Rich woods.