Herbs with opposite exstipulate leaves, and small cymose flowers. Calyx-tube adherent to the ovary, the latter 3-celled, but only one of these fertile. Stamens 1-3, fewer than the lobes of the corolla. Style slender. Stigmas 1-3. The only common genus is Valeria'na

Tourn. Valerian

1. V. sylvat'ica, Banks. Not uncommon in cedar-swamps.

Root fibrous. Calyx-limb consisting of several bristles rolled inwards in the flower, but expanding in fruit. Corolla gibbous at the base. Stamens 3. Root-leaves ovate or oblong, entire; stem-leaves pinnate, leaflets 5-11. Stem erect, striate, 1-2 feet high.

2. V. ed'ulis, Nutt. Root spindle-shaped, large. Flowers in a long and narrow interrupted panicle, nearly dioecious. Stem-leaves deeply pinnatifid. - Low grounds, western Ontario.