Smooth herbs, with succulent stems and simple exstipu-late leaves. Flowers irregular, the sepals and petals coloured alike, one of the coloured sepals spurred, the spur with a tail. Stamens 5, coherent above. Pod bursting elastically, and discharging its seeds with considerable force. The only genus is impa'tiens, L. Touch-me-not. Jewel-weed. 1. I. fulva, Nutt. (Spotted Touch-me-not.) Flowers orange-coloured, spotted with reddish brown. Sac longer than broad, conical, tapering into a long recurved spur. - Cedar swamps and along streams.

2. I. pal'lida, Nutt. (Pale T.) Flowers pale yellow, sparingly dotted with brown. Sac dilated, broader than long, ending in a short spur. - Wet places.