Shrubs with simple stipulate leaves, alternate or opposite, and small regular flowers, the sepals and petals both imbricated in the bud. Stamens 4-5, alternate with the petals, and inserted on a disk which fills the bottom of the calyx. Pods orange or crimson when ripe.

Synopsis Of The Genera

1. Euon'ymus. Flowers perfect. Sepals 4 or 5, united at the base.

And forming a, flat calyx. Branchlets 4-sided;leaves opposite. Flowers axillary.

2. Celas'trus. Flowers polygamous. Petals and stamens 5. Calyx cup-shaped. Leaves alternate. Flowers in terminal racemes.

1. Euon'ymus. Tourn. Spindle-tree

1. E. America'nus, L., var. obovatus, Torr, and Gray. (Strawberry Bush.) A low, rather straggling shrub, with short-petioled or sessile leaves, the latter ovate or obovate, pointed. Flowers greenish, with the parts generally in fives. Pods rough-warty, depressed, crimson when ripe. - Wooded river-banks and low grounds.

2. E. atropurpu'reus, Jacq., (Burning Bush) occurs at Toronto and westward in Ontario, and may be distinguished from No. 1 by its greater size (4-8 feet high) its long-petioled leaves, purplish flowers, and smooth pods.

2. Celas'trus

L. Staff-tree. C. seandens, L. (Wax-work. Climbing Bitter-sweet.) A twining smooth shrub, with oblong-ovate, serrate, pointed leaves. Flowers small, greenish, in terminal racemes. Pods orange-coloured. These burst in autumn and display a scarlet pulpy aril, presenting a highly ornamental appearance. - Twining over bushes on river-banks and in thickets.