Stem. - Five to twelve inches high, leafless, or rarely with one or two leaves. Leaves. - From the rootstock or runners, heart-shaped, sharply lobed. Flowers. - White, in a full raceme. Calyx. - Bell-shaped, five-parted. Corolla. - Of five petals on claws. Stamens. - Ten, long and slender. Pistil. - One, with two styles.

Foam Flower   T. cordifolia


Plate VII. Foam-Flower - T. cordifolia

Over the hills and in the rocky woods of April and May the graceful white racemes of the foam flower arrest our attention. This is a near relative of the Mitella or true mitre-wort. Its generic name is a diminutive from the Greek for turban, and is said to refer to the shape of the pistil.