Stems. - Rather stout and zigzag, forking and diverging. Leaves. - Taper-pointed, slightly clasping. Flowers. - Dull purplish-pink, hanging on thread-like flower-stalks from the axils of the leaves. Perianth. - Somewhat bell-shaped, of six distinct sepals. Stamens. - Six. Pistil. - One, with a three-cleft stigma.

Twisted Stalk

Plate LXIII. Fruit

Twisted Stalk. - S. roseus

This plant presents a graceful group of forking branches and pointed leaves. No blossom is seen from above, but on picking a branch one finds beneath each of its outspread leaves one or two slender, bent stalks from which hang the pink, bell-like flowers. In general aspect the plant somewhat resembles its relations, the Solomon's seal, with which it is found blossoming in the woods of May or June. The English title is a translation of the generic name, Streptopus.