Stem. - Bearing a single large, long-stalked, much-divided leaf, and a shorter naked scape which bears the rounded flower-clusters. Flowers. - Greenish-white, in umbels. Calyx. - With short or obsolete teeth. Corolla. - Of five petals. Stamens. - Five. Fruit. - Black or dark-purple, berrylike.

Wild Sarsaparilla.   A. midicaulis

Plate IX. Wild Sarsaparilla. - A. midicaulis

Wild Sarsaparilla Aralia Nudicaulis Ginseng Family 22


Wild Sarsaparilla Aralia Nudicaulis Ginseng Family 23


In the June woods the much-divided leaf and rounded flower-clusters of the wild sarsaparilla are frequently noticed, as well as the dark berries of the later year. The long aromatic roots of this plant are sold as a substitute for the genuine sarsaparilla. The rice-paper plant of China is a member of this genus.