In four vols., royal Svo, cloth gilt, gilt top, 3.

The Flowering Plants, Grasses, Sedges And Ferns Of Great Britain, and their Allies, the Club-Mosses, Pepperworts and Horsetails. By Anne Pratt. New Edition, containing 318 Plates. In Four Volumes, royal 8vo, cloth gilt, gilt top.

Useful Manuals For Lovers Of Nature

In small crown 8vo, picture cover boards, price is. each.

English Wildflowers, to be found by the Wayside, Fields, Hedgerows, Rivers, Moorlands, Meadows, Mountains and Sea-shore. By J. T. Burgess. With Practical Illustrations.

The Common Sea-Weeds Of The British Coast And Channel Islands. With some Insight into the Microscopic Beauties of their Structure and Fructification. By Mrs. L. Lane Clarke. With Original Plates printed in Tints.

The Common Shells Of The Sea-Shore. By the

Kev. J. G. Wood.

" The book is so copiously illustrated that it is impossible to find a shell which cannot be identified by reference to the engravings." - Vide Preface.

In small crown 8vo, cloth, price is. each.

A Fern Book For Everybody. Containing all the British Ferns, with the Foreign Species suitable for a Fernery. With numerous Illustrations and Coloured Plates. By M. C. Cooke.

One Thousand Objects For The Microscope

By M. C. Cooke. With 500 Illustrations. Twelve pages of Tinted Plates.