The members of the genus Clitocybe have the spores white, no volva nor annulus, the gills with thin edges not notched on the edge near the stem, and generally decurrent.

Clitocybe laccata (Edible) (See plate facing page 67)

Cap or Pileus - When moist, pale red, buff red, or flesh red ; when dry, greyish to pale yellowish brown. Surface covered with tiny tufts of hair. Convex when young, flattened with wavy margin when old ; often depressed. 1/2-2 inches broad.

Gills or Lamella; - Broad, distant, unequal. Flesh colour. Slightly decurrent.

Veil and Annulus - None.

Stem or Stipe - Slender, stiff, fibrous, stuffed, or hollow. Colour like cap. Often twisted. 1-3 inches long.

Spores - White, rough, globose.

Flesh - Thin, pale flesh colour, leathery, tasteless.

Het er-o-phyl'-la. Cli-to-cy-be Lac-ca'-ta

Deceiving Clitocybe Unwholesome

Deceiving Clitocybe Unwholesome

(Clitocybe illudens, Schw.) Dull orange ; phosphorescent. See Genus, p. 70

Clitocybe virens, Scop, (edible).

Clitocybe virens, Scop, (edible).

White-spored Series

Sections of C. laccata

Sections of C. laccata.

Time - Spring to autumn.

Habitat - Wood, swamps, or open fields, naked ground, mossy or grassy places.

Var. amethystina has cap darker, gills amethyst, quite decurrent.

Var. pallidifolia, gills paler than laccata.

Var. striatnla, plants small, gills showing as lines through the thin cap.

Clitocybe virens

Cap or Pileus - Fleshy, convex, expanded, obtuse. Pale greenish blue. Gills or Lamella - White, crowded, thin, slightly decurrent. Stem or Stipe - White, with occasional rusty spots ; stiff, solid.

Sometimes two stems are found growing together at the base, Spores - White. Fleshy-White. Time - Autumn. Habitat - The specimen photographed was found growing in mixed woods in Pennsylvania.

Am-e-thys'-tl-ni Pal-li-dl-fo'-ll-a Stri-at'-l-la Vl'-rens