Evergreen aromatic erect or trailing small shrubs. Twigs moderate or very slender, rounded; pith small. Buds solitary, sessile, ovoid, minute. Leaves alternate, simple, obovate or ovate, entire. Fruit a fleshy globular capsule resembling a berry, present in winter.

Fig. 261. Gaultheria procumbens

Fig. 261. Gaultheria procumbens.

Fig. 262. Gaultheria hispidula

Fig. 262. Gaultheria hispidula.


Fruiting stem erect, 5-15 cm. high, leaves 1. 5-5 cm. long


G. procumbens


Stems trailing and creeping; leaves 0. 5-1 cm. long


G. hispidula

1. G. procumbens L. Mountain-tea. Teaberry. Spicy Winter-green. Stems slender, trailing on the ground or subterranean; leaves 2.5-5 cm. long; branches ascending, 5-15 cm. high; berry depressed, red, 8-12 mm. in diameter, mealy, spicy. Sterile woods, Newfoundland to Manitoba, south to Georgia, Alabama, Wisconsin, and Minnesota (Fig. 261).

2. G. hispidula (L.) Bigel. Creeping Snowberry. (Chiogenes hispidula T. and G.). Stems 1-3 dm. long, creeping and branching; leaves 4-10 mm. long; berry white, globular, aromatic,6 mm. across. Mossy woods and bogs, Labrador to British Columbia, south to Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Minnesota, and Idaho (Fig. 262).