Introduced. Annual. Propagates by seeds.

Time of bloom: July to September.

Seed-time: August to October.

Range: Nova Scotia to Ontario, and eastern part of United States to New Jersey and Kentucky. Habitat: Fields, gardens, and waste places.

Growing in tufts from fibrous roots like the preceding species, but lower and more spreading, the culms ten inches to two feet tall, usually decumbent at base, more or less branched. Leaves two to eight inches long, from a quarter-inch to a half-inch wide, rough on the upper surface. Spikes two to four inches long, the involucral bristles at the base of the one-seeded spikelets being in pairs, stout, and downwardly barbed, standing out almost at right angles to the spike. These downward barbs cause the seeds to adhere to the wool of sheep, which the seeds of other Foxtails do not do.

Like the preceding species, this weed is controlled by preventing seed production.