Native. Perennial. Propagates by seeds and by stolons.

Time of bloom: April to August.

Seed-time: June to September.

Range: Maine and Quebec to Minnesota, southward to Georgia and Oklahoma.

Habitat: Dry soil; fields, meadows, pastures, and waste places.

Stems tufted, spreading, stoloniferous, six inches to two feet long, very slender, the runners thin as wire, often reddish, finely hairy. Leaves palmately five-foliate, the leaflets oblong obovate, green and smooth

Fig. 151.   Common Five finger (Potentilla canadensis). X 1/3

Fig. 151. - Common Five-finger (Potentilla canadensis). X 1/3 above, sparsely hairy beneath, with slender petioles. Flowers solitary in the axils, on long slender, wiry peduncles, golden yellow, about a half-inch broad, the five petals broadly obovate, longer than the pointed calyx-lobes and the narrow bractlets. Achenes small, smooth, scattered by the nodding of the wiry flower-stalks. (Fig. 151.)

Means Of Control

Cultivation, liming and manuring the soil, will so stimulate the growth of better plants that the weed will soon be superseded. Clover is the best crop to grow for this purpose.