Introduced. Annual. Propagates by seeds.

Time of bloom: Late March to September.

Seed-time: May to November.

Range: Nova Scotia to Ontario and Minnesota, southward to Florida, Texas, and Kansas. Habitat: Cultivated ground, waste places.

This plant frequently begins to flower when less than three inches high, at which time the stem is erect and simple; later it branches diffusely from the axils, becoming a rather spreading plant, six to eight inches tall. Lower leaves opposite, petioled, ovate, obtuse at both ends, scallop-toothed; upper ones alternate, sessile, lance-shaped, and entire; stem and foliage softly hairy. Flowers axillary, hardly an eighth of an inch broad, pale blue or white, on very short pedicels. Capsules heart-shaped, larger than the flowers, filled with yellow, minute seeds which are ripened and distributed all summer. Means of control the same as for Purslane Speedwell.