Native. Perennial, Propagates by seeds.

Fig. 363.   Dwarf Dandelion (Krigia virginica). X 1/3

Fig. 363. - Dwarf Dandelion (Krigia virginica). X 1/3

Time of bloom: May to September.

Seed - time: June to October.

Range: Massachusetts to Ontario and Manitoba, southward to Georgia and Kansas. Habitat: Meadows, open woods, waste places.

The roots of Cynthia are fibrous, clustered, and spreading, the stems one to two feet in height, smooth and naked, except that above the middle there is usually an oblong, clasping leaf - occasionally two, or three - above which may spring one or more branches. Root leaves tufted, smooth, glaucous, three to six inches or more long, with edges toothed or wavy, rarely pinnatifid, the petioles long and winged. Heads solitary, terminating stem and branches, more than an inch broad, with about twenty bright orange-yellow rays, toothed at tips; involucre of smooth, thin, lance-shaped bracts, all of the same length. Achenes nearly oblong, with a pappus of ten to fifteen oblong, chaffy scales surrounding an inner row of fifteen to twenty delicate bristles. (Fig. 364.)

Means Of Control

Meadows where the plant is abundant should be put to a cultivated crop, well tilled, and fertilized, before reseed-ing.