Krigia virginica, Willd. (Adopdgon carolinianum, Britton)

Native. Annual. Propagates by seeds.

Time of bloom: April to August.

Seed-time: May to September.

Range: Maine to Ontario and Minnesota, southward to Florida and Texas. Habitat: Dry, sandy soil; fields, meadows, and waste places.

Like a small and delicate Dandelion, with several slender stems from the same root, one or two inches to a foot in height, simple or occasionally branched at the base. Leaves usually all basal, tufted, two to six inches long, spatulate or lance-shaped, irregularly cut and toothed, or sometimes entire, tapering to margined petioles. Heads about a half-inch broad, with yellow, spreading, five-toothed rays; bracts of the involucre linear and thin, becoming reflexed as the achenes ripen and fall. The latter are slenderly top-shaped, five-angled, with a pappus of five small, rounded scales encircling an inner row of fine bristles. (Fig. 363.)

Means Of Control

Prevent seed production by cutting while in early bloom. Enrich and cultivate the ground, when better plants will soon supersede the weed.