Antennaria neglecta, Greene Native. Perennial. Propagates by seeds and by stolons. Time of bloom: April to June. Seed-time: June to July.

Range: New Brunswick to Wisconsin and Iowa, southward to Virginia and Kansas. Habitat: Fields, meadows, pastures, and waste places.

A smaller plant than the preceding, but with much longer and more slender stolons. Root-leaves about two inches long, tufted in small rosettes, narrow spatulate or wedge-shaped, obtuse, one-nerved, smooth above, white-woolly beneath, entire, sessile; stem-leaves linear, very small. Stems of staminate plants four to eight inches high, the fertile ones often nearly a foot in height when mature. Heads in racemose clusters, similar in structure to those of the preceding species. (Fig. 308.)

In some localities the Smaller Cat's-foot, A. neodioica, is even more common, forming large matted patches. Its range extends from the North Atlantic States westward to the Dakotas and it has also found its way to Northern Europe.

Means of control the same as for the Plantain-leaved Everlasting.