Introduced. Annual. Propagates by seeds.

Time of bloom: July to September.

Seed-time: August to October.

Range: Maine to Minnesota, southward to Florida and Texas.

Habitat: Fields and waste places. Sandy or gravelly soil.

Steins growing in tufts from fibrous roots, six to eighteen inches tall, smooth, slender, erect or decumbent at base, diffusely branched. Sheaths shorter than the internodes, smooth or sometimes sparingly hairy at the throat, the ligule a ring of short hairs; blades one to five inches long, flat, about a tenth of an inch wide, rough above, smooth below. Panicle three to six inches in length, with many slender, spreading branches, having minute tufts of hair in the axils, particularly the lower ones. Spikelets very small, hardly a line wide, five to eighteen-flowered. Seeds often an impurity of other small grass seeds.

Means Of Control

Prompt cutting before the formation of seed. This grass makes tolerably good hay, but there is so small a quantity to the acre that it is an economy to supersede it with forage of a better quality.