Euph6rbia hirsuta, Wiegand

Native. Annual. Propagates by seeds. Time of bloom: June to September.

Fig. 186.   Upright Spotted Spurge (Euphorbia Preslii). X 1/2.

Fig. 186. - Upright Spotted Spurge (Euphorbia Preslii). X 1/2.

Seed-time: July to October.

Range: Quebec and Ontario, southward to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois. Habitat: Dry, sandy soil; fields, roadsides, waste places.

A very common, small, and spreading plant, with hairy stems three to ten inches long, branching from the base, zigzagged and forking, nearly prostrate. Leaves oblong-ovate, from a quarter-inch to a half-inch long, finely toothed nearly to the oblique base, the petioles extremely short. Flowers on peduncles considerably longer than the petioles, the involucres funnel-shaped, bearing four stalked brown glands, concave at top, and subtended by white, slightly toothed appendages. Pods smooth, with rounded angles; seeds black with a pale transparent coating, sharply four-angled, faintly wrinkled on the sides between.

Measures for its suppression the same as for Spotted Spurge.