Oxybaphus hirsutus, Sweet (Allionia hirsuta, Pursh.)

Native. Perennial. Propagates by seeds.

Time of bloom: July to August.

Seed-time: August to September.

Range: Wisconsin to the Plains of the Saskatchewan,southward to Colorado and Texas. Locally in Ohio, New York, and Connecticut.

Habitat: Prairies; dry fields and meadows.

Even more resistant than the preceding species to summer's drought and winter's freezing. Stem one to three feet tall, erect, angled, ridged, sparingly branched, clothed with glandular jointed hairs, especially at the nodes, which are somewhat swollen. Leaves also hairy, oblong or narrowly lance-shaped, with prominent mid-vein, entire, sessile, or the lower ones very short-petioled. Flowers small, red, similar to the preceding species, but clustered on very short and hairy peduncles and pedicels, giving them a bunched appearance; involucres also hairy. Seed small, ovoid, hairy, with five obtuse ribs.

Means of control the same as for the preceding species.

Fig. 83.   Hairy Umbrella wort (Oxybaphus hirsutus). X1/8.

Fig. 83. - Hairy Umbrella-wort (Oxybaphus hirsutus). X1/8.

Fig. 84.   Narrow leaved Umbrella wort (Oxybaphus linearis). X 1/8.

Fig. 84. - Narrow-leaved Umbrella-wort (Oxybaphus linearis). X 1/8.