Introduced. Perennial. Propagates by seeds. Time of bloom: May to September. Seed-time: June to October. Range: Maine to western Ontario, southward to Rhode Island and New York. Locally established in many of the Western States. Habitat: Grasslands; yards and waste places.

A weed that is extending its range very rapidly by the agency of grass and clover seeds; its rootstock is thicker and penetrates more deeply than that of the Rib Grass, and it is in other ways even more pernicious. Like that plant, its leaves are hairy, but the hairs are white, giving it a gray or hoary appearance; they are broadly oblong or elliptic, spreading near the ground in rosette form, smothering all other growth; petioles margined, rather short, with tufts of brown hair at the base. Scapes slender, one to two feet in length, the spikes at the summit one to three inches long, cylindric, densely flowered; the flowers are rather showy, with green scari-ous-margined calyx-lobes, four parted white corolla and four large, yellowish anthers dangling on purple filaments; also they are sweet-scented. Capsule oblong, obtuse, two- to four-seeded, the seeds concave on the face.

Means of control the same as for Rib Grass.