Introduced. Perennial. Propagates by seeds and by stolons.

Time of bloom: June to July.

Seed-time: August to September.

Range: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Maine.

Habitat: Fields and roadsides.

An escape from the flower garden, very hard to suppress when established as a weed. Stems rather thick, spreading on all sides, taking root at the joints and sending up numerous flowering stalks, three to eight inches tall. Leaves opposite, obovate, small, thick, sessile, wedge-shaped at the base, the rounded tip finely scallop-toothed. Flowers in flat, crowded cymes, the blossoms pink, about a half-inch broad, the central and first-opened flowers usually having five pointed petals, most of the others but four. Seeds very small, in four or five pointed spreading follicles which are united at the base; not often produced, the plant spreading chiefly by its stoloniferous stems. (Fig. 143.)

Means Of Control

Careful hoe-cutting, skinning the patches from the ground and removing to the compost heap or the bonfire; for any bit of stem in contact with moist soil, if it contains a joint, will take root and continue to grow.

Fig. 143. Live forever (Sedum stoloniferum). X 1/4

Fig. 143.-Live-forever (Sedum stoloniferum). X 1/4