Native. Biennial or perennial. Propagates by seeds.

Time of bloom: June to August.

Seed time: July to September.

Range: Ontario and Minnesota to the Saskatchewan and British Columbia, southward to New Mexico and California.

Habitat: Plains, upland pastures.

Stems two to five feet tall, stout, erect, branching into a large panicle at top. Leaves rough-hairy on both sides, oblong to narrow lance-shaped, two to four inches long, the lower ones tapering to margined petioles, the upper ones sessile. Racemes long, ascending, many-flowered, usually in pairs; corolla blue, more than a quarter-inch broad, the five lobes spreading; pedicels nearly as long as the flower, reflexed in fruit. Burs about a quarter-inch long, the four nutlets keeled, margined with a single row of flattened, awl-like, barbed prickles. Means of control the same as for Lappula echinata.

Fig. 232.   Virginia Stickseed (Lappula virginiana). X 1/2.

Fig. 232. - Virginia Stickseed (Lappula virginiana). X 1/2.