Introduced. Perennial. Propagates by seeds and by rooting at the joints. Time of bloom: June to August. Seed-time: July to September. Range: New Brunswick to Ontario, southward to Virginia and

Ohio. Habitat: Fields and roadsides; cemeteries.

At least one case of severe poisoning has been reported from the eating of this peppery little plant. Stems tufted, spreading on the ground, rather thick and succulent, rooting at the joints, only the flowering branches erect, one to three inches high. Leaves yellowish green, smooth, fleshy, alternate, sessile, hardly a quarter-inch long, crowded and overlapping on the stalks. Flowers in small terminal cymes, bright golden yellow, each about a half-inch broad; calyx four- or five-lobed; petals four or five, distinct; stamens eight or ten. Follicles four or five, spreading, tipped with the persistent styles. Seeds reddish yellow, very small. Means of control the same as for Sedum stoloniferum.