Introduced. Perennial. Propagates by seeds and by stolons.

Time of bloom: June to September.

Seed-time: July to October.

Range: Ontario to Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

Habitat: Grasslands, lawns and yards, waste places.

Roots tufted and fibrous, not far below the surface. Stem erect, slender, leafless, bristly-hairy, three to ten inches high. Leaves all basal, only two or three inches long and less than an inch wide, entire, spatulate, narrowing into short petioles, bristly-hairy on both sides, but green above while the hairs on the under side are star-shaped and matted into white wool. Thrust out from among the leaves are several slender, leafy runners, three inches to a foot in length, which take root and form new plants, causing the weed to grow in patches. Heads about an inch broad, solitary, golden yellow; bracts of the involucre in one or two series, linear, pointed, hairy. Achenes oblong, ribbed, the pappus a funnel-form row of fine, tawny bristles. (Fig. 383.) Means of control the same as for Orange Hawkweed.