Introduced. Annual. Propagates by seeds.

Time of bloom: June to August.

Seed-time: July to September.

Range: New York and New Jersey, westward to Ontario, Michigan, and Nebraska. Habitat: Fields and waste places.

A smaller and more slender plant than the preceding, with stem one to two feet in height, branching from the base, differing also in that stalk and foliage are finely downy. Basal and lower leaves narrowly lance-shaped, with pointed, slim, backward-turning lobes, the edges of leaves and lobes revolute; upper leaves nearly linear, entire, sessile, sometimes slightly auriculate and clasping at base, the margins revolute. Heads numerous, loosely clustered, bright yellow, nearly an inch broad, on slender, hairy peduncles; involucre also downy, with lance-shaped, equal bracts. Achenes spindle-shaped, narrowest at apex, with ten roughened ribs and copious, soft, white pappus.

Measures for suppression the same as for Smooth Hawksbeard.