Introduced. Annual. Propagates by seeds. Time of bloom: June to September. Seed-time: August to November. Range: Throughout North America except the far North. Habitat: Cultivated ground; waste places.

Like the White Goosefoot, this plant has accompanied the European settler to every part of the world. Stem eight to twenty inches high, rather stout, grooved, succulent, with numerous spreading branches, the lowermost often prostrate on the ground, glaucous, often mealy. Leaves oblong to lance-shaped, wavy-toothed or partly pinnatifid, the lower ones obtuse at apex and tapering to a slender petiole, the upper ones acute, often entire, sessile or nearly so, pale green above and white-mealy beneath. Flowers in small axillary clusters, usually not so long as the leaves, crowded on short, spreading spikes. Seed dark brown, flattened, sharp-edged, the utricle having its summit not completely covered by the calyx.

Means of control the same as for the Smooth Pigweed.

Fig. 68.   Strawberry Blite (Chenopodium capitatum).

Fig. 68. - Strawberry Blite (Chenopodium capitatum).

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