Introduced. Perennial. Propagates by seeds.

Time of bloom: All summer.

Seed-time: Until bloom is checked by frost.

Range: Local in several states of the Middle West.

Habitat: Grasslands.

This is the most lately imported member of the Plantain Family, brought to this country in clover seed from Central Europe. It is not yet sufficiently well known to predict its character as a weed, but, judging it by the qualities of nearly related plants, its prompt destruction wherever noticed may be strongly recommended.

Stem six to fifteen inches tall, at first simple but later diffusely branched, hairy, and somewhat viscid. Leaves opposite or whorled, linear, entire, sessile, one to three inches long. Spikes numerous, on slender axillary peduncles somewhat longer than the leaves; small and bluntly oblong. Capsule contains but one seed, which is dark brown, canoe-shaped, and grooved on one side. (Fig. 275.)