Introduced. Annual. Propagates by seeds.

Time of bloom: July to September.

Seed-time: August to October.

Range: Nova Scotia to South Dakota, southward to Florida and

Louisiana. Habitat: Lawns, pastures, and waste places.

Culms six to eighteen inches long, smooth, slender, usually decumbent at base, much branched and spreading. Leaves one to three inches long, very narrow and pointed. Spikes two to four inches long, two to six in number, digitate at the end of the stalk or one or two near the summit, very slender, one-sided. Spikelets usually in pairs, one sessile or nearly so, the other short-pediceled. The whole plant of a reddish color; less troublesome than the preceding species for it does not root at the joints.

Means Of Control

Cutting so persistently as to prevent seed production. Top-dressing and enriching the ground will enable the better grasses and clovers to crowd out the annual weed.