Bidens trichosperma, Britton Native. Annual or biennial. Propagates by seeds.

Time of bloom: August to October.

Seed-time: September to November.

Range: Massachusetts to Georgia, and inland to Kentucky and Illinois. Habitat: Marshy meadows and swamps, banks of streams, and often in drier situations, along roadsides and in waste places.

Stem smooth, obscurely four-sided, two to five feet in height, much branched. Leaves pinnately three- to seven-lobed, with short, grooved petioles, the segments narrowly lance-shaped, pointed, and sharply toothed; uppermost ones sometimes undivided, sessile or nearly so. Heads many, about two inches broad, on slender peduncles, in loose, corymbose clusters; involucre nearly hemispheric, the outer bracts linear to spatulate, extending scarcely at all beyond the broader inner ones; rays about an inch long, obtuse at tips, entire, bright golden yellow. Achenes narrowly wedge-shaped, crowned with two short, stout, three-angled awns.

Despite its beauty, the weed should be destroyed in the same manner as Bidens frondosa.