Fried Egg-plant.

Cut the egg-plant into slices one-quarter inch thick; salt each slice separately, putting one on top of another; put on the upper slice a heavy weight to press out the juice, and let stand about half an hour. Dip in beaten egg then in cracker dust or breadcrumbs, or the two mixed; fry quickly in hot lard to a rich brown.

Stuffed Egg-plant.

Cut the egg-plant in two, and scrape out the inside, which put into a saucepan with a little minced ham. Cover with water and boil until soft, then drain off the water and add two tablespoonfuls of grated crumbs, a tablespoonful of butter, half a minced onion, salt and pepper. Stuff each half of the shell with this mixture, to each add a small lump of butter, and bake fifteen minutes. Minced veal or chicken in the place of ham is equally good, and many prefer it.