Oatmeal Gruel.

Mix together two tablespoonfuls of oatmeal, one-fourth tea-spoonful salt, one teaspoonful sugar and one cup boiling water. Cook thirty minutes and strain through a fine wire strainer to remove the hulls. Add one cup milk and heat to boiling-point.

Eggs for Invalids.

Put them in a pan, pour boiling water over them, set back on the stove five minutes; season to taste. After eating them this way the sick will not want them any other way.

Corn Meal Gruel.

Stir slowly two tablespooufuls of corn meal in one quart of boiling water, cook twenty minutes, stir often, add hot water if too thick.

Mutton Broth.

Take two pounds mutton, put in a sauce-pan, with two quarts of cold water and one ounce of pearl barley or rice. When it boils skim well; add one-half teaspoonful of salt; let boil until reduced to one-half. Strain it off and skim off all the fat.

Clam Broth.

Take twelve small hardshell clams, chop fine, add one-half pint clam juice, or hot water, a pinch of cayenne pepper, small lump butter; simmer thirty minutes, add one gill boiling milk. Strain and serve.

Toast Crackers or Bread Panade.

Toast crackers or stale bread until very brown. Pour over them hot water to cover; cover tightly and steep until cold. Strain and sweeten to taste or drink hot with cream and sugar. Or add lemon juice or a very little nutmeg.