Fried Eggs.

Break the shells and drop the eggs one by one in hot fat; dip the fat over them until the white is set; dust with pepper and salt and serve hot; cook from three to five minutes, according to taste. These are less digestible than poached eggs, the hot fat making the albumen leathery.

Scrambled Eggs.

Beat six eggs very light; add a little salt, eight tablespoonfuls of milk, and a small lump of butter. Put in a hot skillet and stir constantly until the eggs harden.

Plain Omelet.

Beat two eggs, add two tablespoonfuls milk or water, and one quarter teaspoonful salt. Heat the pan, put in one teaspoonful butter, and when it melts pour in the mixture. Cook the omelet slowly. As it hardens beneath, raise it with a broad knife and let the liquid portion run under; do this at different sides of the pan. When dry, roll the omelet away from the handle of the pan. Serve on a hot platter.

Foamy Omelet.

Separate the eggs. Beat the yolks and add salt and one table-spoonful milk for each yolk. Beat the whites until stiff and fold lightly into the liquid. Melt some butter in a frying-pan, when hot pour in the mixture and brown. Then place the omelet in the oven to dry the top. Fold and serve immediately.

Foamy Omelet with Jelly.

Separate the eggs; beat the yolks and add one table-spoonful milk for each egg, a saltspoonful of salt, a dash of pepper and a teaspoonful of flour. Put a teaspoonful of butter in a skillet and when it begins to bubble turn in the omelet. Fry to a golden brown, remove carefully from the skillet, spread with an acid jelly, fold over, and place in lettuce leaves. Beat the whites of the eggs stiff, sweeten slightly and put a thick coating on top the omelet.

Meat Omelet.

Mix two tablespoonfuls of chopped meat with the plain omelet and cook as directed. A little chopped parsley may be added. When the omelet is cooking, spread chopped meat over half the top and fold double. Oysters, whole or chopped, or stewed tomatoes, may replace the meat.

Ham and Eggs.

Fry the eggs in lard, and, after draining off all grease, lay them on a hot dish, with neat slices of fried ham around the edges. Trim the eggs to smooth edges, and cut the ham evenly in oblong pieces. Garnish with parsley.