Orange and Lemon Water Ice.

Juice of four lemons, juice of four oranges, four cups sugar, four cups water, whites of four eggs, well beaten, add last, then freeze very slowly.

Lemon Water Ice.

To the juice of six large lemons add one quart water and one quart sugar. Make a syrup of part of the water and sugar, then add lemon juice and rest of water. When half frozen add whites of four eggs beaten to a stiff froth.

Fruit Ices.

Take three each of oranges, lemons and bananas, and one pint of strawberries or raspberries. Put the fruit into a coarse strainer and rub it through into a large bowl. Pour three tups of cold water through the strainer, add three cups of sugar. Stir and freeze.

Lemon Sherbet.

Juice of four lemons, strained, one quart water, one and a half pints granulated sugar, one-fourth box Pink Plymouth Rock gelatine, soaked in cold water half an hour; place in vessel in warm water to melt; one teaspoonful vanilla, one pinch soda; mix all together, then put in freezer and when nearly done add the well-beaten white of one egg, then freeze until solid. Sufficient for fourteen persons.

Pineapple Sherbet.

Two large pineapples or one quart can, one and one-fourth pounds sugar, juice of two lemons, one quart of water. Pare the pineapples, cut them, and remove the cores, or the pineapple may be grated around them; boil the sugar and water together for five minutes, take it from the fire, add the grated pineapple and the juice of the lemons; strain through a cloth, pressing hard to get all the juice. Freeze, and when almost done add the meringue, which is made as follows: Beat the white of one egg until frothy, then add a tablespoonful of powdered sugar and beat until white and stiff.

Milk Sherbet.

Put one quart of milk into the can and let it freeze five minutes. Mix together two cups of sugar and the juice of three lemons; stir into the milk, and freeze.