Take four pounds of lean mutton or lamb, and cut into small pieces, which boil slowly in a gallon of water, in a covered vessel, for two hours. Soak a half teacupful of rice in enough warm water to cover it, and add to the boiling soup. Cook another hour, stirring from time to time, to keep the rice from settling to the bottom.

Beat an egg to a froth, and stir into it a cup of milk, into which has been rubbed a tablespoonful of flour. Mix with this a little of the hot liquid, until the egg is cooled sufficiently to prevent danger of curdling. Then, after taking out the meat, pour this into the pot, season with parsley, thyme, salt and pepper; let boil and serve.

This soup is nutritious and palatable for the sick with the rice left in. When strained it makes an excellent white table soup.