Suet Pudding.

Three cups flour, one cup chopped suet, one heaping cup chopped raisins, one teaspoonful salt, two teaspoonfuls baking powder; mix one cup flour while chopping raisins, then suet and baking powder, then the other cup flour, water enough to finish mixing; put in a sack, boil two or three hours. Sauce:—Table-spoonful flour, butter size of one-half egg, one-half teacup sugar, nutmeg and vinegar to taste, one pint of water, boil all together.

Batter Pudding.

One pint milk, four tablespoonfuls flour, pinch of salt. Scald the milk, taking out some to smooth the flour, then stir into the milk until it thickens and stand away to cool. At noon beat the yolks of five eggs and stir in, then the whites well beaten and bake twenty or thirty minutes. Serve while hot. Sauce :—Cream, one cup sugar, one tablespoonful butter, add flavoring and one-half pint of whipped cream.

Chocolate Pudding.

One quart sweet milk, one small cup of sugar, two well-beaten eggs, six tablespoonfuls grated chocolate, two heaping tablespoonfuls corn starch, dissolved in a little cold milk, a small piece of butter. Let boil a few minutes, stirring constantly. To be served with whipped cream, or sugar and cream.

Cottage Pudding.

One cup milk, one-half cup sugar, one egg, two tablespoonfuls melted butter, one teaspoonful baking powder, sifted with one pint of flour. Bake half hour and serve with liquid sauce. Sauce :—Two tablespoonfuls flour, one cup sugar, teaspoonful vanilla, tablespoonful of butter; mix these with one tablespoonful of cold water, put in sauce-pan and pour slowly in a little less than a pint of boiling water.