New Century Pudding

Take one cup each of suet, sugar, currants, raisins and milk, add three cups of flour. Shred and chop fine the suet and prepare the fruit. Beat together until light the suet and sugar and the yolks of two eggs; add the milk and flour; beat until smooth; add the beaten whites of the eggs, a teaspoonful each cinnamon and a little salt, and a tea-spoonful baking powder. Mix well, flour the fruit and add; turn into a greased mold and boil for three hours. Serve hot, with wine or hard sauce.

Cream Pudding.

Stir together one pint of cream, three ounces sugar, yolks of three eggs, a little grated nutmeg, add the well-beaten whites, stirring lightly, pour into a buttered pie plate on which has been sprinkled crumbs of stale bread to the thickness of an ordinary crust, sprinkle over the top a layer of breadcrumbs and bake.

Cocoanut Pudding.

One pint sweet milk, one-half cup sugar; let milk come to boil (in custard kettle), add sugar, four tablespoonfuls of corn starch dissolved in cold milk, two cups grated cocoanut (less will do), stir well, cook until it thickens, remove from fire, gently beat in the whites of four eggs well beaten, one-fourth tea-spoonful of lemon and vanilla each. Pour in molds and serve with whipped cream when cold, or pour half in mold, add a few drops of red fruit coloring to the remaining half and pour on top, or flavor part with two spoonfuls of melted chocolate.