Tomato Salad.

Pour boiling water over four or six tomatoes, and let it stand a moment. Pour off, and add cold water, slip off the skins, slice, and set away to become cold. Serve with the cold dressing. If desired, the slices of tomatoes may be served on lettuce leaves.

Cold Slaw.

Take a fresh, crisp cabbage, and pull off the loose and torn leaves. Cut it into several pieces, and shave each piece into very thin strips. Strain the salad dressing, while hot, over the cabbage, mix it well, spread it out, and set it away to cool. When ready to serve, arrange in a neat mound in the centre of a clean dish. If the cabbage is wilted, soak it for an hour or more in cold, salted water.

Lettuce Salad.

Pick over the leaves carefully and see that they are whole, clean and free from insects. Wash them in cold water, and shake the leaves gently in a cloth to dry them. Arrange on a flat dish with the smaller leaves inside the larger, and serve, with the cold salad dressing on the table.

Boil hard one-half dozen eggs. When cold chop fine with stalks and tender leaves of a root of celery, and a handful of green parsley. Pour over the mixture a sauce made by rubbing together a dessertspoonful of mustard with the same quantity of salt and two spoonfuls of granulated sugar, into which beat well, five spoonfuls of olive oil and five of vinegar.

Tongue Salad.

Boil, skin and trim a tongue, cut in dice and add the whites of six hard-boiled eggs cut in similar pieces. Cut fine the white stalks of three heads of celery and mix with tongue and eggs. Make a dressing as follows: Beat together four eggs, six tablespoonfuls of vinegar, five of melted butter, one of prepared mustard, one of sugar and two-thirds of a cup of cream. Put over the fire in a double boiler and cook until as thick as boiled custard. Set aside to cool; season with salt and pepper, thin with lemon juice, mix with the tongue and other ingredients, and serve.