Take the home made yeast when ready and mix in enough flour to make a moderately stiff sponge, let rise until blubbers form and break, the sponge will then be ready to make into dough, if the sponge is not the right temperature add enough water to make it so, add about half pound soft or melted lard and mix well, then mix in enough flour to make a good dough. If winter wheat flour is used make a stiff dough and if spring wheat flour is used, make a soft dough. When dough is the proper stiffness, turn out of bowl or vessel on board and knead for ten to twenty minutes, working in all scraps, leaving the dough firm and smooth, put the dough back in the bowl or vessel and let rise. If you will notice when dough is first made it is firm and if you press your fist in it and take it out the dough will come back more or less. But when the dough has risen to such extent that when you push your fist down in it, and take it out the dough will sink or follow down the place, the dough is ready to again be turned out on board and shaped into loaves, and put in pan, let rise in pan for an hour or an hour and a half, or until the loaf has risen to almost twice its original size, it will then be ready to put in oven to bake, bake in good solid heat from forty-five to sixty minutes time depending on size of loaves.