Duchess. No. 1

Mix like wine cake. One pound of butter and lard, two pounds of sugar, one-half teaspoonful of egg coloring, seven eggs, one and three-fourth pints of milk, mace, three and one-fourth pounds of flour, two and one-half ounces of baking powder.

Duchess. No. 2

Cream together two and one-half pounds of sugar, one and one-half pounds of butter and lard, one quart of eggs, slowly added; one quart of milk, in which is dissolved one ounce of soda; four and one-half pounds of flour, with two ounces of cream of tartar and a little mace. Frost half chocolate, half white. Bake in square tins, lined with paper.

Angel Food

Beat the whites of ten eggs very stiff; sieve together one-half of a pound of powdered sugar, five ounces of pastry flour, one-half of a teaspoonful of cream of tartar; mix all very light in the snow; one teaspoonful of vanilla. Dip your moulds in cold water before filling. Bake in a moderate heat about thirty minutes. As soon as baked, turn the mould upside down, but rest on one side, so the air can circulate under it.

Jelly Cake

Cream together two pounds of sugar with one pound of butter and lard; add slowly eight eggs, then one and three-fourth pints of milk, and lastly, three pound of flour with two ounces of baking powder. Grease the tins well and lay a small square piece of paper in the center. Fill half full and smooth on top. Bake quick and turn out at once on sugar dusted paper. Trim the edges a little, spread bottom layer with jelly, set another one on top; spread again, setting another layer on top. Frost with lemon icing, and draw thick lines through it with a jelly cornet; cut through crosswise, then with the back of a knife. Or you can spread the tops with jelly, laying a border of cocoanut around.

Cocoanut Layer Cake

Set three layers together with cream frosting (see Part IX.), sprinkle each with cocoanut; frost the tops and sides also and sprinkle well with cocoanut; give the frosting a rich flavor of vanilla.

Chocolate Layer Cake

Same as above, only fill and cover with chocolate frosting. Draw a few cross lines in white frosting over the chocolate, and run through crosswise with the back of a knife; or lay a border of walnut halves over the top.

White Mountain Cake

Bake thick layers with the following mixture: One and one-half pounds of sugar and twelve ounces of butter creamed together; add slowly the whites of twelve eggs, one pint of milk, and two pounds of flour with one and one-half ounces of baking powder; almond flavor. Set two layers together with jelly; cover well with light meringue; dust with cocoanut and set a minute in hot oven, to brown the top.

Almond Cake

Cream well one-half pound of almond paste, three-fourths of a pound of sugar, the yolks of twelve eggs, and one egg. Beat the whites of twelve eggs very stiff; add half of it light under the above, then mix in ten ounces of sifted pastry flour, the rest of the egg whites and a little vanilla; mix carefully, and not too much. Bake in moderate heat, in large, round tin, lined with paper. Frost with vanilla water icing, very thin.

Genuine Philadelphia Pound Cake

Fourteen pounds of fine sugar cream with six pounds of butter and two pounds of lard; four and one-half quarts of eggs, two quarts of milk, one-half ounce of soda; last fifteen pounds of cake flour sifted with one ounce of cream of tartar; mace, vanilla, one-fourth ounce of egg color. The same mixture can be used for all kinds of fruit cake.

Magnolia Cake

Mix like gold cake: three pounds of fine sugar, two and one-fourth pounds of butter, one quart of egg whites, two and three-fourth pounds of cake flour, almond flavor. Bake in diamond-shaped pans. Ice with fondant or water icing, flavored with vanilla and a drop of almond, and lay some French cherries on top.

German Brodtorte


Pound fine in mortar; one pound of raw almonds with four or five eggs; then stir until light with one and one-half pounds of sugar in a bowl, adding twenty-four yolks gradually. At the same time moisten one-half pound roasted, finely-ground bread crumbs with rum (some use port or sherry wine); add it to the above mixture with two ounces of fine chopped citron, the same of orange, one-half ounce of cinnamon, one-fourth of allspice; last stir in very carefully twenty egg whites, beaten very stiff, and four ounces of flour. When baked in deep, round tin, paper-lined, turn over at once on a sieve to cool. Ice with rum flavored or vanilla icing.

Chocolate Torte

The same formula as above, only take two ounces less bread and moisten with warm water, to which add vanilla and lemon flavor, and add six ounces powdered chocolate or cocoa.

Caramel Cake

Cream well one pound of shortening, one and one-half pounds of sugar, then ten eggs, vanilla added; one-half pound of raw almonds roasted and chopped very fine; one pint of milk, two pounds of cake flour, one-half ounce of baking powder. Bake in Dutchess pans. If used for layer-cakes, bake in flat layers and fill with soft egg icing, to which add some burnt sugar and a little vanilla.