Hop Tonic

A similar compound, sometimes with some fluid extract of malt, phosphate, iron, etc.

Horehound Beer, Carbonated

Syrup, one gallon; extract of hore-hound, three ounces; fruit acid solution, one ounce; foam extract, one-half ounce; caramel.


Equal parts of raspberry and orange syrups.


Syrup, one gallon; soluble essence of lemon, three ounces; fruit acid solution, three ounces; foam extract, one-half ounce. Other and improved lemon syrups are prepared by the addition of lime juice, rose or orange-flower water, or fractions of soluble essence of rose-oil or oil of neroli. Marked improvements are obtained by such additions; throwing off a pleasant aroma on the opening of a bottle, they enter at the discretion of the bottler, whose taste is his only criterion.

Lemon Champagne

Syrup, one gallon; champagne lemonade extract, four ounces; artificial lemon essence, one-half ounce; foam extract, one-half ounce; fruit acid, solution, three ounces; improved by one or some of the aforementioned additions. Caramel.


Syrup, one gallon; lime juice, two pints; soluble essence of lemon, two ounces; soluble essence of lime oil, one ounce; foam extract, one-half ounce; fruit acid solution, one ounce; caramel to suit.

Malt Tonics

This is a solution of concentrated extract of malt in equal parts of warm water, and filtered until bright. It cannot be used in conjunction with syrup in bottling, but employed for dispensing. About from one-half to one ounce of malt extract fluid is dispensed in the tumbler, any desired and flavored syrup, such as orange, tonic, ginger, coca, phosphates, about an ounce, added to it, and the carbonated water drawn.

Maltese Orange

Syrup, one gallon; cherry juice, one-half pint; soluble essence orange, one-half ounce; fruit acid, one ounce.


Maple sugar, twelve pounds; water, one gallon; dissolve in the cold water by agitation, or by gentle heat.

Maple Cream

Maple syrup, two pints; cream or condensed milk, one pint; fresh milk, one pint. Mix the syrup with the milk and cream, and add the white of two eggs for dispensing.


We refer to "Honey" (page 603). Here we add formulae for mead syrup, which is intended for carbonating and not for fermenting: Plain syrup, one gallon; strained honey, one pound; extract of mead, two ounces; extract of vanilla, two ounces; extract foam, one to two ounces; mix the honey and syrup by means of a gentle heat, skim carefully, and, when cold, add the other ingredients. Charge with gas to 150 pressure in syphons - two gallons of the prepared syrup having been added to eight gallons of water in fountain. For bottling charge as usual; pour the syrup in the syrup receptacle, and guage about one ounce into each half-pint bottle.

Milk Punch

Syrup, one pint; brandy, two to four ounces; Jamaica rum, two to four ounces; cream or condensed milk, one pint. Is a nice syrup for dispensing. Dust the top of the beverage with nutmeg, or flavor with essence of nutmeg.