Pineapple Punch

Syrup, one gallon; artificial pineapple essence, one-half ounce; rum punch essence, two ounces; fruit acid, one ounce; Caramel.


Syrup, one gallon; extract pistachio, one ounce; essence bitter almond, one-half ounce; for dispensing add condensed milk.

Pear Champagne

Syrup, one gallon; artificial pear essence, one-half ounce; soluble essence of lemon, one ounce; fruit acid solution, two ounces; foam extract, one-half ounce; caramel.


Syrup, one gallon; water, one quart; phosphoric acid (fifty per cent.), two ounces; phosphate of soda, one ounce. The latter may be omitted if desired; it acts as a slight purgative. Add no fruit acid. Mix the phosphoric acid and phosphate of soda with the water, pour tills mixture into the syrup, and mix well. Flavor with lemon, orange, vanilla essence, etc., or a mixture thereof to suit the taste. Color with caramel or cochineal tincture, or with a mixture of both if desired. Must be kept in glass without contact with metal.

Phosphate And Iron

The same components, to which has been added some phosphatic solution. Prepare the latter by dissolving either soluble ferric phosphate (sodio-ferric-citro-phosphate) or hypophosphate of iron (sodio-ferric-citro-phosphate) in water, say one ounce in sixteen ounces of pure water, in which these salts are easily soluble. 100 parts of the salt represent from 11.5 to 13.5 parts of metallic iron. Of this solution add about one ounce or as much as desired to one gallon of syrup.


Syrup, one gallon; improved curacoa essence, two ounces; soluble extract of ginger, one ounce; sulphate of quinine, two drachms; fruit acid solution, one ounce; coloring to suit. Dissolve the quinine in the essence and mix. Instead of quinine, phosphoric acid may be substituted.


Prepare as directed for blackberry, substituting artificial raspberry essence.

Raspberryade And Raspberry Champagne

Syrup, one gallon; fruit essence of raspberry, four to eight ounces; caramel and red coloring sufficient; foam extract, one-half ounce; fruit acid, two ounces. Raspberry syrup is improved by the addition of some cherry essence or juice.


Syrup, one gallon; soluble essence of rose, one ounce; color slightly red. Foam extract, one-half ounce.

Root Beer, Carbonated

Syrup, one gallon; root beer essence, two ounces; soluble essence of ginger oil or extract of ginger, one ounce; tincture capsicum, one-half drachm; fruit acid solution, one ounce; color dark with caramel.

Ottawa Or Otaki

Similar, see root-beer essence.


Syrup, one gallon; extract of sarsaparilla, three ounces; essence of sarsaparilla, two ounces; extract liquorice root, one ounce; fruit acid, one ounce; caramel to color dark reddish. In some recipes the sarsaparilla extract is left out. Some add some soluble extract essence of ginger.