Vanilla syrup, four pints; raspberry syrup, four pints. The addition of Hock wine is an improvement. If this be made of plain syrup, use the flavors proportionally. Color red.


Syrup, one gallon; artificial apple essence, four drachms; tartaric or citric acid solution, one ounce. This beverage is sometimes erroneously called "apple cider," but it is simply a carbonated beverage, and has nothing to do with fermented cider.


The same, but double flavored, and put in pint or quart champagne bottles. Foam extract to suit.


Syrup, one gallon; artificial apricot essence, four drachms; tartaric or citric acid solution, one ounce.


Syrup, one gallon; artificial banana essence, four drachms; tartaric or citric acid solution, one ounce.

Birch Beer, Carbonated

Syrup, one gallon; birch essence, two ounces; sugar coloring sufficient to color dark; fruit acid solution, one ounce. The addition of the latter, and some essence of cinnamon and sassafras, is an improvement. Foam extract to suit.


Syrup, one gallon; blackberry fruit essence, one ounce (or artificial blackberry essence, four drachms); fruit acid solution, one ounce. Color sufficient. Equal parts of red coloring and sugar coloring or color of cudbear will be suitable.

Blackberry Cream (For Dispensing)

Plain cream syrup, three pints; preserved blackberry juice, one pint. Another. - Blackberry fruit syrup, two pints; plain cream syrup, two pints. Foam extract to suit.

Brandy (under various fancy names.) - Plain syrup, two pints; brandy or punch extract instead, one pint. Another. - Syrup, one gallon; brandy, one pint; lemon essence, one-half drachm; orange essence, one-half drachm.


Plain syrup, one gallon'; sulphate of quinine, ten grains; sulphate of cinchonine, twenty grains; citric acid solution, One-half ounce; aqua of ammonia, twenty grains; oil of orange (bitter), one-half ounce; oil of lemon, two drachms; small quantities of oil of coriander, anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, essence of ginger, may be used to suit; alcohol two pints. Cut the oils with the alcohol, dissolve by shaking the quinine and cinchoninc, add the other ingredients; if desired also, some phosphate of lime precipitate, about eight ounces; filter and color to suit. Instead of quinine and cinchonine, two ounces of extract of cinchona or Peruvian bark may be used.


Should be prepared with an infusion of maiden hair; however, this is usually left to the imagination, and the syrup prepared as follows: Sugar, twelve pounds; orange-flower water, one gallon; dissolve the sugar in the latter, and add half a pint of Rhine wine, and about one ounce of fruit-acid solution.


Syrup, two quarts; catawba wine, one to two quarts. Dissolve the sugar in the wine by gentle heat. The addition of some raspberry syrup is an improvement.