This is an orange-peel obtained from a variety of the bitter orange cultivated in the island of Curacoa. It is scarcely half the thickness of the ordinary orange-peel, and externally of a dark greenish color. The commercial article sold under this name frequently consists merely of thin slices or spiral bands cut from the fully-developed but still unripe fruit grown elsewhere. The white parenchyma is colored yellow by alkalies and black by ferric salts.

Extract Of Curacoa, Or Bitter Orange Peel

Take of bitter orange-peel powdered one pound, diluted alcohol one pint, or a mixture of equal parts of water and alcohol; moisten the powder with six fluid ounces of the liquid and macerate for twenty-four hours, then transfer to a percolator, and gradually pour diluted alcohol upon it until sixteen fluid ounces of extract (or as much as desired) are obtained.

Essence Of Curacoa

Oil of orange, sweet, four drachms; oil of lemon, two drachms; oil of rose, four minims. Cut the oils in the usual manner, dissolve with eight ounces of alcohol of 95 per cent., and dilute with eight ounces of water to obtain sixteen ounces of essence. Add to this some of the extract of bitter orange peel (about one or two ounces).

Tincture Of Curacoa, Or Bitter Orange Peel

It is prepared by macerating four ounces of the powdered or sliced peel with twenty fluid ounces of diluted alcohol or a mixture of equal parts of water and alcohol. Transfer to a percolator and exhaust with enough liquid to obtain twenty fluid ounces of tincture.

Improved Curacoa Essence And Tincture

II the alcohol which is used in the preparation of either one is diluted with orange-flower water, instead of ordinary water, the aroma will be considerably improved; or prepare the next preparation instead.

Compound Tincture Of Curacoa

Tincture of curacoa or bitter orange peels, eight ounces; tincture of fresh orange peels, sixteen ounces; orange-flower water, sixteen ounces; clarify and filter if necessary.


Instead of the curacoa-peels any other fresh and green orange peels may and are in fact substituted; or orange essences or tincture of orange peels may be used instead for carbonated beverages.