of the ingredients named take the following pro-portions: oil of orange, 3 drachms; oil of caraway, 1 drachm; oil of cassia, 15 grains; oil of ginger, 3 drachms; -alcohol 95°, 8 ounces; water, 3 ounces; cocaine muriatic or acetate-, 20 to 40 grains. The proportion of cocaine calculated is to use three ounces of this essence to flavor one United States gallon of syrup. Where the solution of cocaine is kept, five to ten ounces of it may be added to syrup and cocaine left out from this essence.

Instead of oil of ginger, one or two ounces extract of ginger, or after. wards, wher-those oils are eut, three, to six ounces of soluble extract of ginger, may be added; in fact any change in proportions and constituents of this formula may be made, or a new one put up with entirely different flavors to suit the demand.

Cut the oils with powdered pumice, etc., and some sugar together in a mortar, triturate until absorbed; first add by degree the eight ounces of alcohol, agitate until all is dissolved; then add gradually the eight ounces of water and continue to agitate; filter. Then add the cocaine and shake until dissolved. Re-filter until bright.