The generators are made of heavy copper, lined with lead, adjusted with safety valve and pressure gauge on purifiers. The fountains are also of heavy copper, block tin lined, and all the connections and exposed parts protected by the same metal. The machine is set on cast-iron frames. The same style of apparatus is put up with three fountains or with but one or two.

Fig. 187 is made of heavy copper and lead-lined, and especially adapted for charging portable fountains.

Fig. 188 is also made of copper and lead-lined, and used for the same purpose in druggists' and confectioners' stores.

Fig. 187.   Lippincott's Horizontal Generator

Fig. 187. - Lippincott's Horizontal Generator.

Fig. 188   Lippincott's Upright Generator

Fig. 188 - Lippincott's Upright Generator.

Safety Valve, Alarm And Pressure Gauge Combined

This gauge will indicate the pressure, give the alarm, and blow off the gas until it drops a little below the pressure for which it is set. It will not waste all the gas in the generator, or blow the marble all over the room. The generator requires but little attention after the fountain is charged. It can be set to blow off and give the alarm at any pressure within the scale of the gauge. It is very simple, not liable to get out of order, and it is always sure to work. The operation is such that the alarm must go off at the point where the gauge is set; it has a lock and key and cannot readily be tampered with.

Fig. 189.   Safety Valve, Alarm and Pressure Gauge Combined

Fig. 189. - Safety-Valve, Alarm and Pressure Gauge Combined.