This illustration represents a semi-continuous apparatus of the old type. The pump is forcing out gas from the gasometer into the extra large cylinder wherein water has been previously introduced. There is no arrangement for forcing gas and water at the same time into the cylinder to work continuously as well. The next cut shows an improved plan of that old style. The pump is improved to force either gas or water, or both at the same time into the cylinder for continuous work. The large cylinder, however, is intended but for semi-continuous action.

Fig. 57.   Old Style German Apparatus

Fig. 57. - Old-Style German Apparatus.

Another German Carbonating Apparatus

Another German apparatus for artificial mineral waters is used in German mineral-water establishments and worked semi-continuously where the removal of atmospheric air is carried out. For other purposes it can be operated continuously, the arrangement permitting to do so.

In general arrangement and workmanship this apparatus is similar to the regular continuous one, of which proper descriptions of construction and operation follows. On some German and English apparatus the pump is arranged to exhaust the atmospheric air from the charge of water before pumping in the gas, thus producing a beverage free of air. By this means the quality of the product is much improved.

Fig. 58.   Another German Apparatus

Fig. 58. - Another German Apparatus.