Cane-Sugar And Its Preparation. - Properties of Sugar. - Tests of Sugar. - Other Sugars: Glucose, Grape-Sugar, Dextrose or Starch-Sugar. - Vari-eties of Glucose. - Use and Adulterations of Glucose. - Test for Starch in . Glucose. - Test for Sulphuric Acid in Glucose. - Fruit-Sugar or Levulose. - Inosit or Phaseo-Mannit. - Saccharine and its Properties. - Examination of Saccharine. - Testing Sugars for Saccharine. - Use of Saccharine. - Ef fects of Saccharine. - Saccharine a Preservative. - Application in the Trades. - Employing Saccharine in the Manufacture of Carbonated Bev-erages. - Practical Directions. - How to Prepare a Saccharine Solution. - Saccharine Powders. - Saccharine Essence. - Normal Saccharine Essence. - Solution of Saccharine in Glycerine. - Preservation of Saccharine Solutions, Powders and Essences. - Saccharine Solution as a Substitute for Syrup in Manufacturing Carbonated Saccharine Beverages. - Preparing Saccharine Solutions in Advance. - Opinion. - Maple Sugar. - Glycyrrhi-zine or Extract Liquorice. - Glycerine as a Sugar Substitute. - Honey. - Origin of Honey. - Preparation of Honey. - Clarification of Honey. - Properties of Honey. - Constituents of Honey. - Adulterations and Tests of Honey.