Another continuous system lately introduced from England is the Mondollot continuous system, described in the next Chapter.

The chief difference between the Mondollot and the Bramah system lies in the arrangement of the apparatus for generating the carbonic acid gas. The mechanical portion for pumping the gas and water together under strong pressure remains identical in action.

The use of the gasometer in the Bramah system is to store the carbonic acid gas and hold it in readiness for the pump, and it is also used incidentally to purify the gas.

In the Mondollot machine the carbonic acid gas is drawn from the generator without the medium of the gasometer, and in the entire suppression of this gasometer lies the main difference between the Mondollot and the Bramah system.

The pump in the Mondollot system is made to regulate the quantity of sulphuric acid that is admitted to the carbonate with such accuracy that every stroke of the pump draws into the generator the exact amount of sulphuric acid that will replace the carbonic acid that has just been drawn out by the very same stroke.

The impregnation of the water in the afore-described systems is carried on mechanically by the aid of a pump.