Another appliance for dispensing acid is Caverly's Patent Tilting stand for Carboys. The illustration needs no explanation.

Fig. 47.   Tilting Stand

Fig. 47. - Tilting Stand.


The carboy is securely fastened in the cradle; the stand is made to suit any size of carboy and can be worked with ease, thus avoiding slipping and spilling of the acid.

Fig. 48.   Carboy Tilt

Fig. 48. - Carboy Tilt.

Acid Syphon

This is also an ingenious and simple means of withdrawing the acid from the carboy; its simplicity will be better seen from the following description of its action. Place the syphon in the carboy as shown, withdraw the plug A - which is composed of lead or vulcanite - and pour water from a spouted jug into the pipe C, until it is full, then insert the plug A again, screwing it in rather tight, otherwise air will enter and stop the proper working. When this is done the whole is ready for action; then by turning on the acid tap D the water that is in the pipe C will fall of its own gravity, and so form a vacuum in the bent pipe B; this pipe then becomes. instantly charged with the acid which arises from the carboy, and so occupies the place of the water just withdrawn. It needs no further attention until a fresh carboy is required, for which purpose disconnect the syphon, when it can be lifted out by the bend at B, and should be hung upon a bracket while a fresh carboy is being placed on the table.

Fig. 49.   Acid Syphon

Fig. 49. - Acid Syphon.

Lead-Lined Acid Cistern

This cistern is used specially for the storing of sulphuric acid, and being lead-lined, with joints, chemically burned, is impervious to the action of the acid. The tap at the end of the pipe is of earthenware or glass, and lasting, the acid having no material effect upon it. The length of pipe from cistern to tap is made to suit the convenience.

Fig. 50.   Lead Lined Acid Cistern

Fig. 50. - Lead Lined Acid Cistern.

Sulphuric Acid Tap

The tap is made of strong white glass, and the pipe attached thereto renders leakage impossible. It is easily started, when it will run any quantity desired from the carboy by simply turning the tap.

Fig. 51.   Sulphuric Acid Tap

Fig. 51. - Sulphuric Acid Tap.