If the lead-lining gets untight and a rupture occurs, the cause of which may be collapsing or worn out, acid, gas and marble-dust or residue collect between the lining and the generator-body, and affect it dangerously. It should be immediately re-lined to prevent the destruction of the generator.

To guard against generator explosions, the aforesaid precautions must he taken, as the acid would eat through and weaken or cause a hole in the body of generator. 21

Explosions generally have been caused either by reckless charging and generating the gas, or by defective or destroyed lining not protecting the generator body from the corrosive action of the acid.

Apparatus For Oxygenating, Instead Of Carbonating, Water

In scientific papers we see mentioned that in Europe an apparatus for oxygenating, instead of carbonating, water has been invented. It is claimed that this oxygenated water will serve as a tonic and digestible gaseous beverage. In our opinion there is no want or demand for oxygenated water, except for the purpose of purification. Natural water has enough oxygen to make it palatable. For pungency, etc., carbon-ating is required.